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Mankato Chiropractor Delivers Amazing Results

Find Relief at Rignell Family Chiropractic

“I’m humbled every day by the amazing healing potential that lies within all people,” says Mankato chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Rignell. At Rignell Family Chiropractic helping patients experience relief, healing and health is
what drives him each day.

Putting the Pieces Together

Physical, emotional and environmental factors all play a role in determining our health. To get the whole picture of a person’s health, Dr. Rignell looks at all these factors. He evaluates each person as an individual and analyzes the results of each exam independently to determine the proper course of care, specific to the particular needs of that patient.

Getting Your Life Back

One of the things that is most satisfying for Dr. Rignell is helping people get back to their lifestyle and the things they enjoy doing. For patients who are discouraged and frustrated, chiropractic is an excellent place to look for solutions. “Many patients tell me they wish they’d known about chiropractic sooner,” says Dr. Rignell.

Dr. Rignell especially loves that people look forward to their chiropractic appointments.
“It makes it fun for me and fun for my patients,” he says.
Why wait any longer? If you’re ready to find relief and start your journey toward better health,
we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule your first visit. (507) 779-7313

Dr. Brandon Rignell

Dr. Brandon Rignell