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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Mankato

While pregnancy can be a beautiful time in a woman’s life, it can also have some major discomforts, annoyances and pain along the way. At Rignell Family Chiropractic, we support you as you prepare for your baby with safe, all-natural chiropractic care.
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Why Do I Need Chiropractic?

Why should a pregnant woman see a chiropractor? The bigger risk is not to be checked.

The strain on the mom’s joints and muscles, balance issues, and pressure from an enlarged abdomen are substantial. As the pregnancy progresses, the hormone relaxin loosens the ligaments that support the pelvic region. If her body is thrown off balance, vertebral misalignment can occur, causing pain and loss of function.

The same hormone makes it easier and gentler to do your adjustment. Since there are few, if any, safe medications to ease the pain, chiropractic is an ideal solution. Pain and discomfort, especially in the third trimester, are common.
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How Does Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic adjustment ensures everything is properly aligned and functioning, relieving some of the discomfort accompanying pregnancy. Removing intrauterine constraints helps by creating extra space for the baby.

Other issues that can benefit from adjustment are headaches, back, chest and neck pain, sciatica and tight hip muscles. Making sure the mom-to-be is comfortable and pain-free is good for her and the baby.

Other Benefits of Chiropractic

In addition to relieving your aches and pains, pregnancy chiropractic helps restore proper brain-body communication by improving nerve function. This optimizes your (and your baby’s) overall health, and helps control swelling, morning sickness, hormonal swings, and other side effects. Many of our moms report having an easier, quicker labor and delivery.

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What to Expect

Keeping moms healthy is our goal. Our office makes every effort to provide a comfortable experience with special pregnancy pillows. Dr. Rignell provides adjustments that are customized to your changing needs as you progress, and are extremely gentle.

During the third trimester, appointments are scheduled more close together, often every week. Scheduling during the first two trimesters depends on the mom’s needs. We typically want to ensure her spine and pelvis remain in balance 1-2 times per month in the early stages of pregnancy.


Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it’s safe for both mother and child. All of our adjustment techniques are gentle and safe. Chiropractors are trained in the care of pregnant women. Chiropractic care helps alleviate pain related to pregnancy, while also preparing her body for a less stressful delivery.

When should I start chiropractic care?

The earlier you prepare your body for pregnancy, the better, so there’s no limit to how early you can start receiving chiropractic care. But this form of care can be beneficial for women at any stage, even those who start as late as 39 weeks along.

Quality Care for You and Your Baby

Contact our office to schedule your visit. Experience the difference our chiropractic care can make for you and your baby. Call (507) 779-7313 today to book an appointment.

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