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Rignell Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Mankato Patients Say

At Rignell Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Very Patient and Professional

Dr. Rignell is a great balance of personal and professional. I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor and had visions of getting some kind of painful adjustment. That is not at all what I experienced! Dr. Rignell is very patient and professional. I have a lot of back issues and he has helped my back a lot! I would highly recommend.

– Heather B.

Greatly Appreciated His Service

I was very satisfied with my first visit at Rignell Family Chiropractic. Rather than sending me home after assessment and x-rays, Dr. Rignell took the time to deliver a relief treatment since I was in severe pain and had a five hour drive home for the weekend. I greatly appreciated his service and quality of care.

– Brittney H.

Fantastic Doctor!

I highly recommend Rignell Family Chiropractic! He is a fantastic, friendly doctor. My back issues that I have had for years are finally being resolved because of Dr. Rignell. It is also a very new, clean space.

– Faith V.

They Truly Care About Their Patients

I would definitely recommend Dr. Rignell for any chiropractic need. Dr. Rignell and staff are very friendly, and I feel truly care about their patient’s well being. Through-out diagnosing my pain, and treatments, Dr. Rignell explained things very well in a way that I could understand. The office is very modern with updated technology as well. After receiving even my first couple of treatments I could feel a definite improvement. After a recent adjustment I show a 90% improvement from initial results, and am able to participate in activities I was previously limited from do to pain.

– Sara G.

Staying Healthy and Pain Free

When I first came to Dr. Rignell, I had very intense upper back pain that inhibited me from doing a lot of the things I love. Since getting adjusted by my doctor, I’m back to my regular routine. Living a very active lifestyle, chiropractic has really helped me to be able to keep doing the things I love to do every day. As a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, it is extremely important for me to keep myself healthy and pain free so that I can perform my job fully each and every day. In addition, I stay very active on my own through swimming, hiking, running, biking, and lifting weights. In order to continue all of these activities, I make chiropractic care at the top of my priority list.

– Jordan E.

Back Pain Relief

I have been seeing Dr. Brandon Rignell as my chiropractor for the past three years. Dr. Rignell is always very friendly and has helped relieve pain that I have had in my back over the years. It is an amazing feeling being able to not have the back pain that has plagued me since my youth. Being able to get up in the morning without tension in my back and knowing that I have not had to take medication is an amazing feeling. Day to day stress causes tension as well; keeping up with adjustments has helped relieve this. I strongly recommend visiting Dr. Rignell and making him your chiropractor!

– Nick H.

Goodbye to Constant Headaches

About 20 years ago I injured my neck, so I sought out chiropractic care. I also used to get lots of headaches and was constantly taking Excedrin. Since I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Rignell, my headaches have become almost non-existent as has my use of medication. No matter where my back or neck hurts, he always manages to get me feeling great again. Thanks Dr. Rignell!

– Kris A.

Caring and Compassionate Chiropractor

I first saw Dr. Rignell when I began experiencing hip pain from over-exertion. The pain wasn’t going away and I decided to see a chiropractor, which I hadn’t done in quite a while. After doing x-rays to be certain of what condition my spine and hips were in he proceeded with a treatment plan that alleviated my discomfort. He was very knowledgeable of how I needed to be treated. I found Dr. Rignell to be very caring and compassionate and almost as happy as I was to have my pain gone!

– Judy S.

Never Felt Better

I was never able to find a Chiropractor that was able to create a program to adjust my neck and lower back like I wanted until I found Dr. Rignell. He worked on my issues for a few weeks and was able to correct the problem. Now I am going back once every few weeks as preventative care and have never felt better!

– Eric B.

Healthy and Free of Pain

I have had low back pain intermittently for more most of my adult life. I looked to chiropractic treatment and soon recognized the benefits having and maintaining a healthy spine. A few years ago I became a patient of Dr. Rignell. He had a slightly different technique or style of doing adjustments from what I was used to and I really liked it. I feel that I have benefited greatly from Dr. Rignell’s chiropractic care and I am confident that I can continue to keep my spine healthy and free of pain, as I age, with chiropractic adjustments as needed. Dr. Rignell is a very personable man who relates well to people of all ages. He is professional and knowledgeable and is willing to take the time to address any concerns or questions I may have. I am pleased that Dr. Rignell has a practice in Mankato.

– Carolyn T.


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