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Meet Chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Rignell

Bringing Hope to Patients in Mankato

rignell family-2018Since 2010, Mankato chiropractor Dr. Rignell has been providing patients with pain relief they couldn’t find anywhere else.

“Many people come in as a last resort. Sometimes it’s because they weren’t necessarily able to find the answers or the solutions they needed. I often hear patients say they wish they’d found chiropractic sooner.”

Hearing from patients who’ve experienced success with chiropractic drives Dr. Rignell to educate patients about chiropractic as an alternative to traditional medical care.

A Product of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Rignell has been a chiropractic patient since he was very young. His positive experiences inspired him to choose chiropractic as a career.

Dr. Brandon Rignell

“I shadowed a chiropractor as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin at Lacrosse, and I was amazed at how happy all the patients were as they were coming into the office. Being in the health care system is usually about sickness or disease care, but chiropractic patients seem healthy, smiling and happy to be there.”

It wasn’t just the patients. The chiropractor seemed to love his job, and it was this positivity that drew Dr. Rignell toward chiropractic.

“I loved the environment, and I try to emulate it in my own office.”

Dr. Rignell completed his chiropractic training at Palmer College of Chiropractic, and began his career in Seattle before returning to the Midwest.


Living the Chiropractic Life

Dr. Rignell works hard to ensure his own good health, too. Keeping himself healthy and serving as a good role model to his patients is a top priority for him. Dr. Rignell, his wife Liza and their dog Millie like to be active outdoors whenever possible. The Rignells also enjoy running, going to the gym and being active in their community.

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