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About Rignell Family Chiropractic

Since 2010, Mankato Chiropractor Dr. Brandon Rignell has been providing patients with pain relief they couldn’t find anywhere else. “Many people come in as a last resort. Sometimes it’s because they weren’t necessarily able to find the answers, or the solutions, they needed. I often hear patients say they wish they’d found chiropractic sooner,” he said.

In the current location since 2015, Dr. Rignell wants to educate everyone about chiropractic as an alternative to traditional medical care. He is the only chiropractor in the area trained by the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic.
Meet Dr. Rignell

Dr. Rignell in waiting room with patients

Our Mission

Our mission is to look at the function of the human body and how we can help it perform at its best. Achieving optimal health and function is possible. We want to transition people into functioning the way their body is designed to do.

Many people are stuck in the sickness model, and don’t know how good their body can feel. Forgetting how well their body can function, they come to us hopeless, and we help them become more active, happier and able to enjoy life again!

Coming Home to Serve His Community

Dr. Rignell grew up in SE Minnesota, but his parents had roots near the Mankato area. He has good memories from driving through the area, and decided to open his practice here. He loves the small town feel, but there’s a lot to offer as well. Dr. Rignell likes having many ways to stay active and enjoys the natural beauty all around.

A Hands-on Approach

Chiropractic is effective for patients of all ages. At Rignell Family Chiropractic, we see patients of all ages, from newborns to grandparents. We deliver quality, patient-focused care to everyone in our community.

If chiropractic can’t provide the results you need, Dr. Rignell will work with other providers to find the most effective, most appropriate care for you. We want to see you get back to your best health as quickly as possible. Contact us today!


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